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The Magic Book Volume 1: The Legend of Jack and the White Wolf is the story of a young magician that ascends to the god realm and enlists the aid of a mighty warrior to avenge his parents death. Unknown to Jack, the necromancer responsible for his parents death was deceived as a child by The Organization. The Organization blamed family magic users on her own parents death and have used her hate to wage a battle against the very soul of magic. During Jack's journey of ascension he learns that his own desire for vengeance must be weighed against the needs of his friends, allies and his journey to become a Guardian of Magic. But to become a Guardian of Magic he must do the bidding of the Creator and return two stones dropped to the earth thousands of years ago. It will not be easy as The Organization desires the Creator Stones and will do whatever it takes to find and harness the power held within.  

Special Thanks to Kevin Stanislawski for the Cover Design.
And Special Thanks to my friend Bree and my sister Elisabeth Gardiner. 

Volume 1 contains 3 Parts:

Part 1Amazon Kindle Edition --- enrolled in KDP select and available as part of Kindle Unlimited. Update Note: ePub, Nook and Play editions unavailable at this time 

Part 2: 2015

Part 3: 2015

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All contents of this site and The Magic Book Volume 1: The Legend of Jack and the White Wolf are Copyright © 2012 - 2014 Robert Davis - All Rights Reserved. Robert Davis is writing as Carr Davis. A screenplay outline was published in 2012 to Screenwriting U forums for a Screenwriting course attended (not completed) by Robert Davis. This story is mythical realism that weaves some of the author's personal beliefs with a fictional tale that he and his partner outlined and drafted prior to his partner's sudden passing.